About OCF

The Ontario Climbing Federation (OCF) is a volunteer organization managed by an elected Board of Directors.

Our objectives are:

  1. To promote the development of the sport of competitive climbing in Ontario;
  2. To govern the sport of competitive climbing in Ontario;
  3. To organize the competition climbing calendar for youth and adults in Ontario;
  4. To host, promote, organize, and sanction climbing competitions in Ontario;
  5. To develop, promote, and enforce a consistent rules structure for all sanctioned climbing competitions held in Ontario;
  6. To host, promote, and organize climbing related events;
  7. To be the Ontario member of the National Sport Organization which governs competitive climbing in Canada;
  8. To liaise with Ontario climbers and the National Sport Organization which governs competitive climbing in Canada;
  9. To develop, promote, and provide training and certification for climbing coaches, judges, officials and route setters in Ontario;
  10. To provide support to gyms hosting climbing competitions and climbing related events;
  11. To provide financial support to Federation members to attend National and International climbing competitions;
  12. To develop, promote, and maintain partnerships with other organizations that support competitive climbing;
  13. To promote recreational climbing;
  14. To promote other forms of outdoor recreation.

The OCF was founded in Spring 2011, and is still a young organization growing into its role; it is not yet actively pursuing all items in its mandate. For example, while the third item in the mandate above mentions both youth and adult competition, up until now the OCF has focused on youth competitions only. This is partly because the volunteers who have stepped up so far come from the youth climbing community (mostly parents of youth climbers), so their attention was naturally initially on youth comps. It’s also because there is only so much an organization can do at one time, and starting with youth comps and expanding later to involve adult comps is a reasonable way to grow.