D & E Difficulty Local Official Schedule

Schedule for the Difficulty Local at The Boiler Room, Kingston, Ontario – Sat. Feb. 3, 2018



8:00am Registration (D GIRLS)
8:45am Competitor Briefing (D GIRLS)
9:00am Climbing Starts (D GIRLS)
10:30am Climbing Ends (D GIRLS)
11:00am Results & Awards (D GIRLS)


10:00am Registration (D BOYS)
10:45am Competitor Briefing (D BOYS)
11:00am Climbing Starts (D BOYS)
12:30pm Climbing Ends (D BOYS)
1:00pm Results & Awards (D BOYS)


12:00pm Registration (E GIRLS & E BOYS)
12:45pm Competitor Briefing (E GIRLS & E BOYS)
1:00pm Climbing Starts (E GIRLS & E BOYS)
2:30pm Climbing Ends (E GIRLS & E BOYS)
3:00pm Results & Awards (E GIRLS & E BOYS)


CEC National Series Bouldering Event

Registration for the ONTARIO OPEN 2018 – CEC NATIONAL SERIES BOULDERING EVENT closes on Tuesday at 11:59 pm.

Register here: https://member.climbontario.ca/competitions

Only open aged competitors are eligible to compete. All competitors require a CEC licence and an OCF competitive membership to be eligible to compete. Competitors from BC, Alberta or Quebec holding SCBC, ABA or FQME competitive memberships are not required to purchase an OCF membership, but will need to contact the registrar: info@climbontario.ca to register. Competitors from a province without a PSO and Foreign Nationals are also eligible to compete but also must contact the registrar: info@climbontario.ca to register.

The official schedule and running orders for the event will be posted on Wednesday, January 24th

2018 World Youth Climbing Championships

Over the past number of months, the CEC along with its organizing partner The Boulders in Central Saanich has been planning for the operational, logistical and financial requirements of the IFSC for hosting the WYCH in 2018.

In recent discussions with the IFSC, the CEC has determined that we cannot proceed with hosting this event.  The timing of the financial obligations as well as operational constraints has led us to the decision to withdraw our application to host the event. This decision was made in advance of the IFSC’s signing deadline.

As a small national federation with limited financial capacity at this stage in its development, the CEC and our event organizing partner are certainly enthusiastic and capable of organizing an event of this scale. In fact, The Boulders held a very successful WYCH event in 2013.  However, with the current scale of the event and its requisite financial obligations, we lack the financial flexibility to host the event with confidence at this time.

We understand that this development will be disappointing to Canadian youth climbers hoping to compete in Canada at a WYCH. Stay tuned for the IFSC announcement of where the event will be hosted in 2018.


The CEC Board

Steve Frangos
Sebastain Powell
Malek Taleb
Greg Locke
Dung Nguyen
Sean McColl

Original post can be found here

Board Meeting January 14, 2018

An OCF board meeting was held on Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 9:30am in Toronto

Attendees: Kellen Tapley, Shaun Hunter, Tyler Norton, Gillian Wyett, Malek Taleb Via telephone: Lorraine Winger, Lisa Gray

Issues discussed:

  • CEC update
  • Chair’s update
  • Financial update
  • Update re registration system and plans for future system enhancements and developments
  • Update re certification program for head judges
  • Feedback from Provincial Bouldering Championships
  • Ontario rulebook
  • Participant feedback
  • Items to address prior to upcoming competitions
  • Preliminary plans for the 2018/2019 series

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, February 24 at 9:30am in Toronto, ON.

Difficulty Registration

All OCF 2017/2018 local difficulty competitions are now open for registration.

  • Registration for all comps will close at midnight the Tuesday prior to the competition date.
  • Registration for Provincials (for those athletes who qualify) will open the Monday after the second local and will close Tuesday at midnight prior to the competition.


Registration can be completed here.