OCF Jury President (Head Judge) Certification Process and Call for Applications

The OCF has developed a certification process to allow experienced competition judges to apply to become a certified Jury President (Head Judge). The five step process is specified below. If you are an experienced competition judge and would like to be considered as a candidate for the Jury President certification program, please contact the OCF volunteer coordinator (volunteers@climbontario.ca) to express your interest. Please include a brief history of your judging experience.

1) Experienced Judges who would like to be a Jury President will need to apply. All interested parties should submit their application to the OCF volunteer coordinator (volunteers@climbontario.ca) and all applications will be reviewed by the OCF Board prior to submitting them to the program/JP certification committee

2) JP candidates must attend at least one judging clinic during the training term

3) JP candidates must shadow a Jury President for at least one OCF sanctioned competition of each discipline

4) Once step 3 has been completed, the JP candidate will act as the JP of a comp of each discipline with a certified JP supervising the candidate and being the official who receives the JP honorarium for the competition. (Note – In some circumstances, including consideration of the past experience of a JP candidate, this step may be skipped at the discretion of the JP certification committee and the OCF board).

5) It may take more than one OCF competitive series for a JP candidate to be able to meet the requirements for official JP certification. The JP certification committee in coordination with the OCF board will determine once all training requirements have been met and JP certification is achieved.
No one in the Jury President Training /Certification program will receive the JP honorarium until they are declared fully certified by the JP certification committee and the OCF board.

CEC AGM Update

The Climbing Escalade Canada 2017 Annual General Meeting is taking place in Canmore, Alberta on Sunday, Oct 15th. All those involved in the competition climbing community are welcome to attend in person or via Skype online. The usual AGM business will be dealt with but once the mundane chores are taken care of there is be a presentation about what the CEC does and an opportunity for discussion.

10:00 AM – 12:00
The Craft Room
Origin at Spring Creek
808 Spring Creek Drive
Canmore, AB
T1W 0K3

You can check in online using Skype. The Skype app can be downloaded here:

Skype Link:


Competition Format – E and D Categories

Competition format for competitors in E and D categories for the 2017/2018 series

As many of our members are already aware, starting with the 2017/2018 series, the OCF is adopting policies that are in line with The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework that is being developed for sports climbing in Canada. The model identifies appropriate levels of training and competition for various age groups. As a result of these new guidelines, and in consultation with the individual who is leading the development of the LTAD program for sports climbing in Canada, effective for the 2017/2018 season, the OCF has made some changes to our competition policies and formats for our youngest athletes.


Competition Categories

The former D category which in the past included all children aged 11 and under has been restructured into two distinct categories: D category (children born in 2007 or 2008, i.e., aged 10 and 11) and E category (children born in 2009 or 2010, i.e., aged 8 and 9). Children born after 2010 will not be eligible to participate in OCF competitive events during the 2017/2018 series.


Competition Formats

For bouldering competitions, athletes in D and E categories will compete in a modified scramble format consisting of 8 problems, with a maximum of 8 attempts per problem over a 90 minute period.

For difficulty competitions, athletes in D and E categories will compete in a modified flash format consisting of 4 routes with a maximum of 2 attempts per route.


Scoring and Ranking

All athletes will have score cards to have their attempts tracked by judges during the competitions, however, only D category will have their results tracked and ranked. There will be no “winners” or podium named for E category. As well, only D athletes will have the opportunity to qualify for and compete in provincials (where they will follow the onsight format for bouldering and the flash format/onsight format for difficulty).


Please note – No exceptions to the age categories will be permitted.


We realize that for some of our athletes, these changes are significant. However, the OCF feels that such changes are important to implement as 1) They are in the best interest over the long term for athlete development both on an individual basis and for the sport as a whole; and, 2) In order for the OCF to be recognized as an official Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) we have to ensure that we align with guidelines and regulations established by the CEC and Sport Canada, among other organizations. Such alignment is particularly important as a result of the recognition of the CEC as an official National Sports Organization by the Canadian Olympic Committee.


For more information about the LTAD, please follow the links included below.


LTAD: Information for Parents – Sport for Life
A Sport Parents Guide to LTAD – Sport for Life


Thank you,


Gillian Wyett

Chair, OCF

Competition Registration Open

All OCF 2017/2018 local bouldering competitions are now open for registration.

  • Registration for all comps will close at midnight the Tuesday prior to the competition date.
  • Registration for Provincials (for those athletes who qualify) will open the Monday after the second local and will close Tuesday at midnight prior to the competition.
  • Registration for the Open Bouldering National Series Event is not open yet. An announcement will be sent out when it opens.

Link to the new registration site https://member.climbontario.ca

(Do not wait until the last minute to register for comps as you will need some lead time for creating profile in new system)

Coyote Competition Registration

Registration for the first local bouldering competition on Oct 21/22 at Coyote Rock Gym in Ottawa is now open!

As previously announced, the OCF has a new Registration Site.

This site replaces myclimbontario and your information was not carried over to the new system.

All athletes and coaches will need to create a new login profile to access the new system if you have not done so already.

All accounts will be pending until approved by site administrator.  Expect to receive confirmation within 8 hours.

Once your account is approved, you can log back into the site and register for the comp.

Pre-requisites for registering to compete at a local comp or attend as coach:

  • Purchase OCF 2017/2018 Athlete or Coach Membership

(CEC licence not required for local or provincial comps)

  • Sign On-Line Waiver

Even if you have signed a paper waiver in the past, we want to have an online version stored so all athletes/coaches including returning members need to complete this step.  Waivers must be signed by a parent for those athletes under the age of 18. You will not have to do this again once they are stored in new system.


Link to the new site https://member.climbontario.ca

Any questions/comments please contact info@climbontario.ca


New OCF Registration Site

Announcing the launch of the new OCF Registration Site!!

This site replaces myclimbontario and your information was not carried over to new system.

All athletes, coaches and supporters will need to create a login profile to access the new system.

You will be able to purchase a coach, athlete or supporter membership.

All memberships will be pending until approved by site administrator. Expect to receive confirmation in 1-2 days.

The OCF waiver is now an on-line version so you can complete that too.

First comp details will be posted on registration site around the first week of October.

Link to the new site https://member.climbontario.ca

Any questions/comments please contact info@climbontario.ca


Up The Bloc Hosting Route Setting Clinic

Up The Bloc will be hosting a Commercial Route Setting Clinic run by their Head Route setter, Dustin Curtis. The first day will focus on Competition Setting and will tie in a mock comp. The second day will focus on the key elements of Commercial Setting. There are 8 spots available in this clinic and will be on a first come first serve basis.


What: A two day setting clinic run by the Canadain Purveyor of Destiny. The cost of this clinic will be $250 per setter

Who: All setters with at least 1 year of setting experience who are currently setting in a commercial facility are welcome

When: September 21st and 22nd. Each day will start at 8:00am and will go to about 5:00pm

Where: Up The Bloc 1224 Dundas St E #28, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2C5

About Dustin: 
Over the course of my setting career, I’ve had the opportunity to attend and host multiple setting clinics. I have always found that these events have helped grow and shape the setter I have become. With my move back to the GTA, after 5 years of working and learning from our counter parts out west, I want to help foster and grow the route setting community so that we can rise to the challenge and demand of the continually growing climbing industry. I have been very fortunate to have had the experiences of setting at the highest level of national and international competition, as well as having the opportunities to have worked with some of the best setters in the world. I’ve had many years of working in over 10 commercial facilities, refining what I believe to be good commercial route setting.

Now, I would like the opportunity to help grow and develop the setting community here in Ontario, and to share those experiences with other setters in a creative and collaborative environment.

Any questions can be sent to Dustin at dustin@upthebloc.com


Agenda and topics covered:

Download (PDF, 116KB)



2018 & 2019 National Championships

The CEC is pleased to announce the dates for the 2018 & 2019 National Championships:

Youth Boulder Nationals February 17-19, 2018 February 16-18, 2019
Open Boulder Nationals March 3/4, 2018 March 2/3, 2019
Youth & Open Difficulty & Speed Nationals May 19-21, 2018 May 18-20, 2019

Call for Applications from Host Gyms
The CEC is now seeking applications from host gyms for these events.

The application deadline is September 14, 2017.

Selection announcements are expected to be made by October 1, 2017.
Please refer to the enclosed host gym attributes for further details.
For further information, please contact Tim Vince at cec.openteam@climbingcanada.ca

Host Gym Attributes

All Events:

  • Willing to work collaboratively with CEC officials during the organization/operation of the event
  • Willing to sign a written agreement with CEC that includes financial/administrative expectations
  • Must have strong working relationship with home PSO, and confirmed support from home PSO
  • Prior experience hosting large (100+ competitor) events
  • Sufficient amenities such as parking, washrooms, and volunteer areas for a large event


  • Sufficient bouldering terrain to accommodate 10 national level blocs running simultaneously
  • Continuous padding under wall, and sufficient holds/volumes for national level event
  • Large self-contained secondary bouldering/warm-up area


  • Sufficient route climbing terrain to accommodate 4 national level routes running simultaneously
  • Sufficient rope, draws, anchors for national level route competition
  • Large self-contained isolation/warm-up area


  • Proper IFSC style 10 m or 15 m speed wall with proper speed holds
  • Appropriate speed competition timer system
  • Prior experience running a high level (Provincial championship or above) speed event