Open Bouldering Nationals – Updated Schedule and REVISED Running Orders


Please ensure that you have completed the appropriate waiver:

Adult Waiver – 18+


Parking and ISO check in is at the back of the building. Do not forget that the new IFSC scoring system will be used.

REVISED Running Order Men’s Qualification

Download (PDF, 299KB)

REVISED Running Order Women’s Qualification

Download (PDF, 279KB)


Saturday, March 3rd

8:00 Isolation Zone Men Opens

9:00 Isolation Zone Men Closes

9:05 Technical Meeting

10:00-2:30 Qualification Men

3:00 Isolation Zone Women Opens

4:00 Isolation Zone Women Closes

4:05 Technical Meeting

5:00-9:00 Qualification Women

Sunday, March 4th

9:00 Isolation Zone Men and Women Semi-Finals Opens

10:00 Isolation Zone Men and Women Semi-Finals Closes

11:00-2:00 Semi-Finals Men and Women

4:30 Isolation Zone Men and Women Finals Opens

5:30 Isolation Zone Men and Women Finals Closes

6:30-8:30 Finals Men and Women

Followed by Awards Ceremony

D & E Difficulty Local Official Schedule

Schedule for the Difficulty Local at The Boiler Room, Kingston, Ontario – Sat. Feb. 3, 2018



8:00am Registration (D GIRLS)
8:45am Competitor Briefing (D GIRLS)
9:00am Climbing Starts (D GIRLS)
10:30am Climbing Ends (D GIRLS)
11:00am Results & Awards (D GIRLS)


10:00am Registration (D BOYS)
10:45am Competitor Briefing (D BOYS)
11:00am Climbing Starts (D BOYS)
12:30pm Climbing Ends (D BOYS)
1:00pm Results & Awards (D BOYS)


12:00pm Registration (E GIRLS & E BOYS)
12:45pm Competitor Briefing (E GIRLS & E BOYS)
1:00pm Climbing Starts (E GIRLS & E BOYS)
2:30pm Climbing Ends (E GIRLS & E BOYS)
3:00pm Results & Awards (E GIRLS & E BOYS)


CEC National Series Bouldering Event

Registration for the ONTARIO OPEN 2018 – CEC NATIONAL SERIES BOULDERING EVENT closes on Tuesday at 11:59 pm.

Register here:

Only open aged competitors are eligible to compete. All competitors require a CEC licence and an OCF competitive membership to be eligible to compete. Competitors from BC, Alberta or Quebec holding SCBC, ABA or FQME competitive memberships are not required to purchase an OCF membership, but will need to contact the registrar: to register. Competitors from a province without a PSO and Foreign Nationals are also eligible to compete but also must contact the registrar: to register.

The official schedule and running orders for the event will be posted on Wednesday, January 24th